The Diet Starts Tomorrow

Breaking News....You have another day off!
Hold the phone!  Tomorrow?  Perfect, I still have another 24 hours of indulgence – Woohoo. But when does tomorrow actually come?  The next day?  The following week, month, year??? Bet your bottom dollar - that for a Fatty Boomba - tomorrow NEVER seems to come and is NOT only a day away! In June 2015, my little sister got engage - great this is just the push I needed!  My first words were ‘Yay, the Diet starts tomorrow!’  However, in true Fatty Boomba style - tomorrow became the next day, and the next, until a year later common sense (aka husband) kicked in. ‘You’ve got less than 5 months to lose some pounds’, ‘Do you really want to regret your photos on the day?’ I can’t really remember my response to common sense, but I’m sure it was a pleasant one as I handle constructive criticism really well! Of course I did the math, and common sense was right. I had a target of 20kg and that was not going to be easy. I needed to bite the bullet and stop waiting for tomorrow. For me tomorrow was always a day a way.  Tomorrow needed to be today. I needed to stop overthinking tomorrow and just do it.
The day before tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!
So, my tomorrow finally started in June - A. WHOLE. YEAR. LATER - with Lite n Easy.  That was 93 Kilos ago. Did I reach my goal? You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.
In the meantime, to stop tomorrow becoming tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow again.  Here are my Fatty Boomba Tips:
  1. Stop overthinking the process. You know you’re overthinking when you’re continually researching, planning, googling/Facebooking. Eventually it will all seem too much effort and ‘tomorrow never comes’ (last part to be sung like a Ronan Keating song).
  1. Choose something simple. I used Lite n Easy, I needed someone else to do the hard work for me. Stay tuned for my review on their program and some simple plans to follow.
  1. Just start! You’ll wish that tomorrow was yesterday – a year ago!